THEA Selmon Extension from Shooting Stars Post on Vimeo.

Shooting Stars Post, Inc. had the opportunity to work with the Tampa Hillsborough Expressway Authority (THEA) to produce an informational video for community outreach about the Selmon Extension. The extension, a planned 1.6-mile elevated toll lane above Gandy Boulevard, is planned to alleviate traffic congestion. It will provide an option for local residents and regional travelers to either use Gandy Boulevard for local destinations or the Selmon Extension for a direct connection to the Lee Roy Selmon Expressway or the Gandy Bridge. THEA believes that by separating commuter traffic from local trips, the Selmon Extension will offer safer and smarter regional connectivity.

Our Shooting Stars team composed a script that detailed THEA’s message; that traffic congestion affects your quality of life, and there are smarter, safer, more connected options. The goal of the video was to show the projected long-term effects of the Selmon Extension in the daily lives of community residents. What could you be doing if you weren’t sitting in traffic?

To shoot the traffic congestion on Gandy Boulevard, we used insert cars, process trailers, and drones. The insert car we used can accommodate a 30 foot camera crane with a stabilized remote head, and is wide enough to have a dolly track around the front and side of the vehicle.

If you have any questions about the Selmon Extension, please visit for more information.