Looking to produce a live broadcast for TV, radio, or internet streaming? We’re not just a pretty face. Our Shooting Stars Post team can also help your business with both live broadcasting or recorded presentations. This week, SSP was LIVE from a private home in Tampa. The live broadcast was in support of ALK, Inc., a company that supports “allergy solutions for life.” SSP provided video production and technical support of the live cut-ins during the broadcast. The event was streamed via Skype to the control room in Atlanta, where it was live-switched with Allergist Dr. Payel Gupta to radio and TV stations across the country. The on-camera talent was husband and wife duo JoAnna Garcia Swisher – who stars in the popular Netflix series Sweet Magnolias and founder of the digital lifestyle program, The Happy Place – and Nick Swisher – retired MLB World Champion and current FOX Baseball Analyst. As allergy sufferers themselves, and spokespeople for ALK, Inc., they are helping address the impact that allergies have on daily life and encourage allergy sufferers to tackle their allergies head-on. For more information, check them out at Klarify.me.

Covid-19 has impacted all aspects of the current business climate. Whether your communication needs require live-streaming or recorded presentations, SSP has the skills, talent, and equipment to successfully engage with your audience. Contact us today at 813-873-0100.