Jimmy Buffett, king of lifestyle brands, together with Tampa based Minto Communities, has launched his latest “ Margaritaville” retirement community near Anna Maria, FL. Based on a “state of mind,” a feeling, and a no worries lifestyle, these “Margaritaville” communities encompass the latest in brand marketing trends for 2017.

Brand values, missions, and visual projections to the public have made a shift toward a more meaningful perspective. Visual trends show that we are seekers, more meaningful consumers, and that we are making purchases that reflect our lifestyle goals, not needless accumulation.

According to Syndacast, in 2017 as much as 74% of all internet traffic will be video content. Video trends show this emotional connection to products and each other, the changing nature of technology, our spaces, and the need to express ourselves. Brands are shifting to appeal to our sense of worth and the growing popularity of being part of something larger than ourselves. The demand for original, high-quality video content that portrays these feelings is on the rise.

Check out behind the scenes photographs and the latest commercial for Latitude Margaritaville from Shooting Stars Post.

Margaritaville_MDT-1092_CBS from Shooting Stars Post on Vimeo.