Gallagher & Associates, museum exhibition designer for the new International Spy Museum in Washington, DC., booked our studio to record an interview with former military psychologist for the CIA, James Mitchell, Ph. D.

After the 9/11 attacks, Mitchell was asked by the CIA to develop an interrogation program based on what were believed to be Al-Qaeda documents on resisting interrogation. Dr. Mitchell is one of the psychologists who produced a memo in 2002 proposing harsh techniques, based on those used in military survival schools, to be used on terrorism suspects.  The CIA believes that the intelligence acquired from the interrogations cited in the memo was a key reason Al-Qaeda was unable to launch a spectacular attack against western targets after 9/11. These techniques were later condemned as illegal under United States and international law and ultimately banned. The interview will be part of an interactive exhibit presenting multiple viewpoints related to this important time in our nations history.

The International Spy Museum seeks to explore the craft, practice, history, and contemporary role of espionage, and is the only public espionage museum of its kind. Construction on the new building is expected to be completed in 2019. For more information, go to