Ever wish you could jump into a Jimmy Buffett song and waste away in Margaritaville? This daydream has become a happy reality!


Minto Communities Florida has teamed up with Margaritaville Holdings to develop “active-adult” communities inspired by the 1977 hit. The estimated one billion dollar community, to be located off of I-95 in Daytona, will include 6,900 homes, shops, and shuttle service to a private beach club.


Shooting Stars Post, Inc. (SSP) has joined forces with United Landmark Associates (ULA) to set the stage for this high profile brand. ULA has captured the laid back, no worries, Parrothead lifestyle Jimmy Buffett has popularized in their marketing strategy.


For more information, visit https://www.latitudemargaritaville.com for details and be sure to check back here for more updates on the Margaritaville project!